26 September 2012

Brussels, September 26 - Today the European Parliament's Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs (ECON) adopted its report on the review of the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID). This piece of legislation is critical to achieve stronger regulation of commodity derivative markets and limit harmful financial speculation on food.

29 June 2012

The EU Summit, initially planned to discuss the purpose and effectiveness of the future €1 trillion EU Budget 2014-2020, was instead used to focus on a disputed attempt at a fiscal union and more quick fix bank bailouts – which to date have cost the tax payer over €4.5 trillion [1]. As governments put more money in irresponsible banks, they reduce their capacity to invest in a greener EU budget and economy.

26 June 2012

More than 60 environmental, development and farming groups are calling on governments and financial institutions to put a stop to land grabbing financed by European pension funds, banks and insurance companies.

22 May 2012

Chief Executive of Shell, Peter Voser, was presented with 70,000 signatures protesting against the oil giant's practices in the Niger Delta, at its annual general meeting today.

The signatures collected by Friends of the Earth, SumofUs and Amnesty International sent a clear message that Shell must take responsibility and start cleaning up its mess in the highly- polluted area of Nigeria.

16 May 2012

This week, 15th-22nd May, campaign groups and individuals all across the world are taking part in a global week of action for a Robin Hood Tax – the financial transaction tax that would raise millions to fight poverty and climate change, whilst curbing the excesses of our failing financial system.

Just a few years ago, the idea of taxing the banks was unimaginable, but the campaign for a financial transaction tax has taken giant leaps towards becoming reality.

3 May 2012

Friends of the Earth Netherlands has launched the 'Worse than Bad' campaign, which calls on Shell to take responsibility for the environmental damage and human rights violations it has caused in the Niger Delta over the last 50 years.

Campaigners are asking Shell to announce steps to clean up the oil pollution in the entire Niger Delta, close oil wells that illegally flare gas, improve pipeline maintenance and offer serious financial compensation to farmers and fishermen affected by oil spills.

23 April 2012

Friends of the Earth Europe and 25 other environmental, social justice, human rights and development groups are urging European governments and parliamentarians to use the review of EU financial legislation (MiFID) [1] to curb financial speculation in food and other commodity derivatives markets.

Lack of sufficient regulation has led to increased price volatility in the markets for food commodities, contributing to the recent food price spikes that have left millions across the world facing hunger and poverty.

23 April 2012

Released on the eve of a World Bank Conference on Land and Poverty, a new report reveals widespread violations of people's rights and environmental destruction from a land grab initially funded by the World Bank in Uganda.

The Friends of the Earth Uganda report provides first-hand accounts from communities forced to give up their livelihoods, food supply and access to water.

22 April 2012

Palm oil corporations Wilmar International and BIDICO, along with the Ugandan Government and the World Bank, have funded huge palm oil expansion on islands off the coast of Lake Victoria.

A quarter of the islands have already been planted with oil palm. Most of this land belonged to local communities and indigenous peoples.

27 March 2012
Draft European Parliament report on financial legislation makes progress on loopholes in response to public pressure

Markus Ferber, the MEP leading the European Parliament's work on financial markets reform has today published proposals which would go some way to putting the hunger of people before the hunger of financial institutions.


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