24 June 2019

Imagine an environmentally or socially destructive corporate project – say, a toxic mine, which could poison your local supply of water, or a luxury real estate project, which would displace hundreds of people. You and your community oppose the plans, the courts judge in your favour and the project is stopped. Seems like a community victory, right? But then the company behind the project sues your country for interfering with its profits, demanding millions or even billions in compensation.

26 November 2018

Democracies all over Europe are under threat by a rise of hate, divisive and socially and environmentally destructive political forces.

Alarmed by this, an alliance of cross-sector NGOs, including Friends of the Earth Europe decided to call on the European Union and European governments to respond to this threat by 1) Upholding the rule of law, 2) Applying zero tolerance for hate speech and cyber-violence and 3) Defending the right for people to campaign for the public interest.

15 October 2018

The European Union and its Member States are important actors when it comes to shaping globalisation.

25 September 2018

The ‘Manifesto for a Sustainable Europe for its Citizens’ sets out a future of Europe based on core ethical values and sustainable development: democracy and transparency, social and environmental justice, human rights, the rule of law, equality, and solidarity. It states that European policies, rules and standards should that do what they were intended for: protect and safeguard well-being and health, ensure safety and freedom for people and protection of the climate and the environment, and serve present and future generations in and outside Europe.

5 June 2018

The next InterGovernmental Working Group (IGWG) on the UN Treaty for business in relation to human rights will take place in October 2018. As a preparation, there are currently four informal consultations organised by Ecuador in its capacity of Chair-Rapporteur. These consultations, together with other relevant documents and reports of meetings and sessions will be the basis of a zero draft for the UN treaty.

17 July 2017

At the global level, land-grabs and deforestation, and the human rights violations, abuses, and corruption that facilitate them, are a major threat to the lives of communities. Land-grabs and deforestation often accompany the development of large-scale agriculture, extractive, infrastructure and other projects. These projects are receiving monies from powerful financial institutions – many of which are based in the European Union.

6 June 2017

This joint report from Friends of the Earth Europe, Global Witness, Action Aid and WWF is a call for action to ensure strong regulation of the financial sector to avoid environmental, social and governance risk.

7 December 2016

A number of existing and emerging EU policies and initiatives to green plastics, packaging, fuels and more through plant-based sources are at risk of backfiring with big social and environmental impacts.

Substituting fossil-based products for plant-based ones is the core idea of the 'bioeconomy', which is promoted by the EU, governments and industry, with the promised benefit of reduced reliance on fossil fuels. However, this can come at a high environmental and social price. Friends of the Earth Europe outline their policy positions on the bioeconomy in this briefing.

21 October 2016

Contribution to the UN on transnational corporations with respect to human rights, for their second session, 24–28 October 2016, on three core elements of a future treaty.

6 July 2016

After the European Parliament hearing of European Commission Vice-President Dombrovskis after the transfer of the financial services to his remit, Friends of the Earth Europe, Global Witness, ActionAid, WWF, Rainforest Action Network, ShareAction, FERN, SOMO and E3G all call for urgent reform of the financial sector away from deregulation and towards genuine sustainability.