Nature's Keepers

KEEPERS is a project by Luka Tomac, a campaigner and photographer working with Zelena akcija / Friends of the Earth Croatia. Luka has spent the last two years documenting the tireless efforts made by activists and volunteers to undo the damage done to Europe's precious ecosystems by irresponsible human activity, and restore our continent to a wilder, more natural and more vital place.

While they may be physically separated by the nature they strive to protect – the mountains of Bulgaria, the fjords of Norway, the Hungarian grasslands, and many more – the individuals profiled in this exhibition remain united by their vision of a wilder world, where people are once more connected with the nature that sustains them.

The campaigns that these keepers work on are similarly diverse. Endangered Cypriot turtle populations are being saved, prospective oil exploration off the coast of Norway is being fought, and the conditions are being created for wildcats, wolves and lynx to thrive across the continent. Meanwhile in the Balkans, local communities are gathering together to block large damaging hydropower projects.

Luka Tomac has captured these stories in photographs of both the 'keepers' and the breath-taking nature they have dedicated their lives to protecting, along with individual testimonies of the motivations, challenges, and successes of the campaigns undertaken by these extraordinary individuals.

Download the pdf of the full book here (400mb).