Happy Birthday Young Friends of the Earth Europe!

12 April 2012

Once upon a time, in a place not very far away, a dedicated group of activists had a brilliant idea: let's bring young people from across Europe together! To share ideas, make friends, and campaign together for planet and people. Young Friends of the Earth Europe grew, became older, and soon had many members from all four corners of Europe.

Sounds like a fairy tale? But it's true - this year we are five years old!


So, how will we celebrate? And how can you join the festivities? 

You are cordially invited...

Join us on facebook! You be kept updated on all the planned festivities as they get announced, and you share ideas from your country groups about how we can celebrate!

Be a Friend of the Earth and Plant Five Trees!

For our fifth anniversary, we're asking all member groups to plant five trees - one for every year that we've been in existence! Get yourselves some seeds, a shovel, a nice spot in the sun and you're all set to go! Plant your trees and send us a picture - you'll be added to our speical birthday tree planting photo gallery!

Be as creative as you want to be - pictures with colorful banners, comedy shovels or costumes are welcome. And if you think that you won't be able to plant trees - don't worry, and get some inspiration here.

Let us know if you can get on board by emailing Maruska, as soon as possible. We look forward to your pictures - and imagine revisiting the trees when we turn 10!

Summer Camp surprise

The Young Friends of the Earth Summer Camp is always a brilliant week of learning, sharing and making friends - this year, Friends of the Earth Spain will be hosting us in lovely Galicia. As part of the anniversary celebrations, we'll have some special surprises during the camp - more to be revealed later, but you might want to start collecting some old T-shirts!

Let Everyone Eat Cake - and send us your pictures!

June 27 is the official YFoEE birthday - so have a party, eat a cake and sing happy birthday (you're even allowed to blow out five candles and make a wish). Let us know what you get up to via the facebook - feel free to write YFoEE a song or send a recording of some happy birthday singing! We are a very diverse network - so show us your favorite cake! Is is made with carrots? Vegan? In the shape of a lobster? Let us know, and send us a picture - plus points for creativity.

Are you planning anything else with your country groups? Do you have another way of celebrating we haven't thought of - get in touch. And most importantly, join the party. 

Happy Birthday Young Friends of the Earth Europe!