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12 June 2017

Get to grips with climate justice.

Around the world, the effects of climate change are felt most acutely by those people who are least responsible for causing the problem. Communities in the global South – as well as low-income communities in the industrialised north – are bearing the burden of rich countries' overconsumption of our planet's resources.

These are the people who have least access to resources and technology to adapt to the consequences and to act to reduce their emissions.

Climate justice means addressing the climate crisis whilst also making progress towards equity and the protection and realisation of human rights.

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In your wildest schemes: the market vs climate change

"The free market won't stop climate change, but its failure is inspiring the people who will"

Wildest schemes: the market vs climate change (c) Sam Wallman


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Asad Rehman, Negotiating Who Lives and Dies

"If you start from a perspective that [UN] negotiations on climate change are about the climate, or about the environment, then you don't really understand what the negotiations are about."

Asad Rehman speaks at an ITUC meeting in Marrakesh, 2016 (c) FoEI

Naomi Klein – Let them drown

"Fossil fuels require sacrifice zones: they always have"

Naomi Klein - let them drown (c) LRB
The World at 1 Degree

Unmissable monthly summary of climate impacts, insights and resistance from the good people at Demand Climate Justice

Our future our choice

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Climate fair shares

Global research on which countries need to do what to make sure we avoid the worst effects of climate change (spoiler: rich countries need to do more)

(c) Saikat Paul / Shuttershock


International Climate Talks, climate justice info

Gif-fueled guides to the otherwise inscrutable world of UN climate negotiations

cat typing


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Podcast on climate migration, Climate and Migration Coalition

Two years' worth of testimonies from people who have moved as a result of climate-linked disasters.

UNFCCC basics

An introduction to how the annual UN climate talks work