Every European throws away 180 kilograms of food per year

1 April 2014

This must be a bad joke. Europe's current model of farming and food consumption is destroying the environment and threatening our health.

You must be kidding us. 89 million tons of edible food gets thrown away every year in the EU, which is approximately 180 kg per person.

This can't be real? The decadent food system in developed countries leads to hunger in the developing world.

No, unfortunately this is not an April fool at all. This is how the common food system is working. This is how our model of farming, production and food consumption is working: To the benefits of a few corporate companies, to the detriment and at the cost of the already underprivileged segment of the population and with lack of transparency for consumers.

This is were we come in. We are not able to stand by and watch any longer. Young Friends of the Earth's Food and Agriculture Working Group (FAWG) is taking up arms once again, in support of just and sustainable food systems. This time, our focus is on YOU! We want you to get involved in our fight for safer and healthier food that doesn't harm the environment. It's a win win situation!

So how does it work? Well, with Robin Food as our mascot, the FAWG is lanching the campaign on food sovereignty and a just, ecological food system called "FOOD UNPLUGGED". In fact, we've already started with our warm-up action; celebrating International meat-free day on March 20th 2014 by sharing good organic vegan food, this way, spreading ideas about how to eat sustainably.
We are planning a series of awareness-raising actions that are designed to show different cross-sections of society how every individual's choices of food products have significant impacts on the environment, and how they can minimise their impact through simple (and fun!) steps. The world needs conscious, well-informed and involved people who consider every little gesture as a small action towards a sustainable system of food and agriculture. People are the ultimate decission makers in the food market and it is vital that they make the right choices.

You can get involved! As FAWG operates across the whole of the YFoEE network, coordinated actions will be taking place in different countries at the same time! If you want to get involved, contact us!

Find out more about the Food unplugged campaign!