Qatar in Brussels 1st- 8th December

22 October 2012

Qatar in Brussels 1st- 8th December

Young activists from all over Europe will come together for 'Qatar in Brussels' during the second week of the UN climate talks in Doha, Qatar, and we invite You to join us!

Qatar in Brussels is being organised by Young Friends of the Earth Europe in partnership with other youth and organisation in Europe, as an open event to build the youth climate justice movement in Brussels.

An open space for the climate movement

At 'Qatar in Brussels' over 100 young people will come together to form an open space, where individuals and organisations from the climate justice movement work and take action together.

Join us, and let's:

  • follow the negotiations as they unfold in Doha, Qatar
  • link up with activists and civil society in Doha
  • share skills and learn about climate justice
  • act in solidarity
  • and put pressure on government delegations and institutions without having to travel all the way to Qatar.

About climate justice

Our call for climate justice goes far beyond the scope of the official UN summit! Independent of the results the UN climate talks could achieve, we believe it's time to increase our own capacities and to trust in our own strength to build a strong and diverse climate justice movement from the bottom up.

Rich developed countries in the Global North have historical responsibility for causing climate change and millions in developing countries, in the Global South, are already suffering from its devastating impacts. If developed countries fail to act in line with science and equity, developing countries will be the hardest hit by climate change, with catastrophic consequences for something they are the least responsible for.

We want to take out this message and stress the solidarity between those struggling for climate justice both in the Global North and South through making our programme to be open and inclusive, with a well balanced mix of activities.

We will create a forum for actions, workshops, skill sharing space and discussions that deal with a broad range of issues.

What's going to happen at Qatar in Brussels?

The event will have lots of opportunities for people joining to participate and lead on activities while we'll be following the climate talks and taking actions as the negotiations unfold. On top of that, there will be plenty of discussions and skill share sessions in order to strengthen the movement in Europe.

If you are interested in running a workshop at Qatar in Brussels please email as soon as possible, so that we can count on you when making the programme.

The discussions will touch upon topics like:

  • false solutions to the climate crisis
  • the link between environmental and social justice struggles
  • the inter-dependencies and historic legacies between the Global North and South
  • the EU's role on the climate negotiations
  • the importance of the Common Agriculture Policy and ways to campaign around it
  • discussion about the limits to the current 'growth-led' thinking and alternative economics

Skill share sessions are to increase our capacity – and gain knowledge in making campaigning happen. The workshops so far include:

  • facilitating meetings and discussions
  • consensus-based decision making in large groups
  • press and media training
  • non-violent direct action training
  • blogging for change,social media in campaigning
  • value campaigning

There will be also space for creative ideas, arts and crafts – like banner making, theatre workshop and music.

Within the programme there is flexibility for several other workshops and discussions that we hope you'd like to suggest. If you'd like to suggest or run a workshop email

Connection with the world

Over the course of the event we'll be publishing articles, photos and videos of our activities.

We will also connect to the wider climate movement by having daily link-ups with campaigners and hosting articles by fellow climate justice activists. Through our website you'll be able to get the latest analysis and news on protests, discussions and actions from all over the world.

Last year, we had several events around Europe in solidarity with our event in Brussels, and we encourage everyone who can't come to Brussels to organise their own climate justice convergence in their countries! If you are planning to hold your own "Qatar in ..." event, please let us know on and we can make sure that it gets promoted on our website as well!

Coordinated actions during the climate talks

Even if you cannot come all the way to Brussels to our event, there will be many possibilities to take simultaneous actions with us online and offline!

All you need to do is to become part of our remote Action Team, and you can be involved in our actions no matter where you are.This is a great way to support our actions and demands without having to travel far.

To become member of the Action Team, email with your location!


The event is open to all members of the public and there will be space to give your own workshops, and help creating a programme that fits best for you. Register to join now!


Young Friends of the Earth Europe gratefully acknowledges financial assistance from the European Union- DG Environment- Operating Grant for this project.