EU-US trade deal The interests of people and the planet must be put before the interests of big business

23 November 2016

Today the European Parliament rejected a resolution to seek an opinion from the European Court of Justice on the compatibility of the investment chapter in CETA with EU Treaties [1], and continued its push to fast-track the controversial trade deal. [1]

The resolution was meant to clarify whether the sections on investment protection and the resolution of investment disputes between investors and states are in line with several EU Treaties.

15 November 2016

European farmers are getting hit hard by free trade deals, a report from the European Commission states today. Following a request by 20 EU farm ministers the European Commission was obliged to carry out an assessment on the cumulative impacts on EU agricultural sectors by 12 current and proposed free trade agreements. The study published today concludes that the existence of whole EU farm sectors – such as pasture-fed beef production – will be at risk from such agreements [1].

The US-EU trade deal is a Trojan horse treaty; a dangerous deal that puts big business ahead of our society, health and environment.


Together we can stop this Trojan horse treaty unravelling our hard-won standards, and act to put people and the planet before profits.

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