EU-US trade deal The interests of people and the planet must be put before the interests of big business

11 July 2016

As the 14th round of negotiations begin in Brussels for the EU-US international trade agreement (TTIP), a leaked document obtained by Friends of the Earth Europe, confirms fears that TTIP is a threat to Europe's democracy and environmental safeguards.

5 July 2016

The European Commission today proposed the provisional application of the free trade deal between the EU and Canada (the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement – CETA). That means the agreement would be applied before national parliaments have a chance to vote on it. [1]

The US-EU trade deal is a Trojan horse treaty; a dangerous deal that puts big business ahead of our society, health and environment.


Together we can stop this Trojan horse treaty unravelling our hard-won standards, and act to put people and the planet before profits.

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