Resource justice In a world of finite resources, Europe must stop consuming more than its fair share

29 November 2016

As Black Friday rolled around again, Friends of the Earth groups from across Europe locked down their wallets and took to the streets to promote the radical act of not shopping.

Buy Nothing Day – an "international day of protest against consumerism" – invites people around the world to abstain from spending for 24 hours as a personal experiment or public statement.

Austria, Belgium (Wallonia and Brussels), Cyprus, England, Wales and Northern Ireland, Hungary, Latvia
3 September 2016

Over 500 academics, activists, campaigners, policy-makers and interested citizens from around the world – including a number of representatives of Friends of the Earth groups – took part in the Fifth International Degrowth Conference, Walking the meaningful great transformations, from 30th August to 3rd September in Budapest, Hungary.

Germany, Hungary, School of Sustainability, Young Friends of the Earth Europe

Europe is using an ever-increasing amount of the world's resources and is more dependent on imported resources than any other region in the world. As the global population increases, developing nations expand their economies, and more people lead resource-intensive lifestyles, there is more pressure than ever on the earth's decreasing resources – exacerbating social inequalities and environmental damage.


Friends of the Earth Europe is calling for the measurement of Europe's resource use – and the subsequent reduction of consumption levels. We recognise the environmental, economic and social benefits of reducing Europe's resource consumption.

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